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LBSKOREA(CEO, Yang Hee-Woon), will participate '2017 Busan International Shoe Show(Hereinafter referred to as, BISS 2017)' that will be held at BEXCO, Busan, from Nov. 2nd (Thu) to 4th (Sat) and exhibit orthopedics functioned bio-functional shoes.

Bio-safety shoes of LBSKOREA, makes our body light and comfortable due to the technology effect, which absorbs gravity and body load as soon as when worn. In addition, the musculoskeletal imbalance improving effect appears with just 5 minutes' walk after wearing, since the shock load, which is delivered to the body, is resisted. The patent technology that does compression expansion activity when walking after wearing, it helps the muscle strengthening, gives smooth flow to the blood circulation, which is the shoes manufactured with the bio new technology so that it helps the prevention of human diseases.

To all exhibitors that visits the BISS 2017 BEXCO site, the test experience marketing, which the body shape changes with only 5 minutes walking, is progressed, and the service that enables you to experience muscle strengthening effect, body balance improving effect and others directly, for before and after wearing, will be progressed for 3 days during the exhibition period.

Meanwhile, BISS is Korea's only one Shoe Exhibition, which a lot of various global shoes brand, overseas buyer, and Korea's distribution MD participates. It holds the conference by inviting 150 shoes distribution MD of 70 overseas shoes real buyer such as Europe, United States, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, as well as Korea's large department sore, mart, and online shopping mall. In particular, it is receiving attraction due to large booth line-up, and as the most overseas shoes companies participated.







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