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[BISS 2018] Blue Peach presents designer shoes with both joy and comfo…

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Blue Peach participated in the 18th 2018 Busan International Shoes Show 'BISS 2018' held at BEXCO's Main Exhibition Hall for three days from October 4th to October 6th (Saturday), showing beautiful and comfortable designer shoes .

Blue Peach was established in 2016 and launched the brand in March 2017 in collaboration with apparel brands at the three major fashion shows. Blue Peach products are mostly leather shoes, but its distribution line is simple and the price is reasonable because there is no intermediate distribution process. In addition, designers directly participate in product design and performance development to satisfy both consumers' comfort and convenience.


Blue Peach is actively running online shopping malls and is focusing on increasing offline sales. Blue Peach is a designer brand with a beautiful design, but it also has a functional double padded structure sole. Therefore it has been getting love calls from department stores and opened 4 stores in March.

Kang Hye-in, Blue Peach Designer and President, said, "I like to design pretty shoes but I would also like to make shoes that can be easily worn by customers, so I participated in the development of shoe sole too." She also said, "If we decide to export, I want to go to the US and China market first."

The 'BISS 2018' which was held in Busan, the center of the traditional shoe industry, is the only shoe exhibition in the nation, and one can see high-quality, functional shoes, raw materials, and shoe machines here. This exhibition has prepared various events such as the shoe brand fashion show, shoe biomechanics experience, and others, and offers a new vision for the footwear industry.

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