• Korean Footwear Professional Meet & Greet
  • Footwear Biomechanics Seminar
  • New Art of Shoe Technology Awards
  • Shoe Design Competition & Design Fair
  • Open Air Market
  • FTA Consultation Center
Korean Footwear Professional Meet & Greet

Date : 2, Nov. 2017 (Thu) 18:00 ~ 20:30

Venue : event hall near BEXCO

Participants : 150 persons including CEOs and executives of domestic and overseas footwear companies, delegates of footwear professionals for overseas expansion, and buyers at home and abroad.

How to progress : Special lectures on trends, lectures on success stories, and a dinner show to establish friendships.


18:00 ~ 18:20 Write a Guest Book, Opening address/Congratulatory address

18:20 ~ 19:10 Invited experts’ lecture on the Global Footwear Trends

19:10 ~ 19:30 Lectures by invited remarkable figures on successful stories in the industry

19:30 ~ 20:30 Footwear professionals Home Coming Day event


To make a place for expanded exchange in the footwear industry including domestic footwear companies, footwear companies moved overseas, related organizations, etc.

To strengthen business partnerships through official events between CEOs of footwear companies.

To provide a place for disseminating information on the latest trends and discussing success strategies in the footwear industry.

Footwear Biomechanics Seminar

Date : 2, Nov. 2017(Thu) 13:00 ~ 6:00

Venue : Multi-purpose hall in BEXCO


Lectures by overseas footwear biomechanics expert invited

Conference on Biomechanics, such as the Korean Society of Sports Engineering

Development cases and latest technology trends of global brands


To exchange information and prepare countermeasures with shoe biomechanics experts to respond to strengthening regulations and heightened international interest in footwear functionality certification through biomechanics performance evaluation.

To have a debate with related businesses and discuss countermeasures according to the leaps of accredited certification bodies in the footwear biomechanics of the Footwear Industrial Promotion Center

New Art of Shoe Technology Awards

Screening and awarding new products for new lifestyles or footwear applied with high-tech materials and technologies for domestic and foreign brands

Awarding Ceremony : 2, Nov. 2017 (Thu) 14:00, During the Footwear Biomechanics Seminar

Venue: Multi-purpose hall in BEXCO


Product customization and functional enhancement for domestic brand companies in global markets

To create a domestic and overseas PR opportunity for proven products

To motivate technology development and create high added value for footwear-related companies through competitions and awards for high-tech footwear products that will lead the footwear market

Screening Standards and Benefits for Winners

Participation of more than 60 products at home and abroad

Consisting of 10 judges of overseas experts of FBG

Evaluation standards:

- Innovative Technology : 30%

- Functionality : 30%

- Domestic and overseas commercialization : 30%

- Others : 10%

Journal advertising in overseas professional organizations and press releases

Exhibition of winners’ works and media interviews

Korea Shoe Design Competition & Design Fair

Details : Contest is open to students, public, designers, etc., who are interested in shoes design and awarding for functional shoes and fashion shoes with innovative ideas and commercialization

Awarding Ceremony : 3, Nov. 2017(Fri)

Exhibition schedule and venue : 2(Thu) ~ 4(Sat) Nov. 2017 / Competition booth in the BISS

Recruitment and Screening Works in the Competition

Target of design works : 300 pieces

- Grand prize (1 person) : Minister's Award by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

- Gold prize (1 person) : Mayor’s Award by Busan Metropolitan City

- The first prize : (1 person) President’s Award by Korea Footwear Industries Association

- Prize for excellence (9 persons) : Sponsor Organization Award

- Special Prize(10 persons) : Chief’s Award by the Footwear Industrial Promotion Center

Schedule : Mar. - Apr. 2017 : Setting plans and holding the steering committee

Jul. ~ Sep. 2017 : Notice of recruitment (May ~ Jul.), Screening (Aug.)

Nov. 2017 : Exhibition of winners’ works

Exhibition size : 30 booths, exhibition, explanation, and demonstration of real footwear and designs in the booth

Shoe Design Fair

A place to meet shoe designers-shoes brands, Design seminars, Designer JOB-GO events

Open Air Market

Date : 2(Thu) ~ 4(Sat), Nov. 2017

Venue : Outdoor Exhibition Space, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO


To secure a floating population in the BISS with a visitor-recruiting effect through sales events

To provide exhibitors with the opportunity to research the on-the-spot market reaction for new products

To provide visitors with the opportunity for purchasing famous brand products at a special discount


Status : 8 exhibitors (5m X 5m tent, 10-15 booths)

Exhibitors and items : shoes and clothing from outdoor sports / fashion shoe brands

About 2 booths for performance promotion & sales for each exhibitor

FTA Consultation Center

Date / Venue : 2(Thu) ~ 4(Sat), Nov. 2017 / FTA PR booth in the BISS

Details : 3-day residing consultation by the staff of the FTA team of Busan Custom House (The booth is in front of the Business Meeting and visitation is available after the buyer meeting.)


To provide the latest information on FTA to the footwear industry through residing consultation by the staff of the FTA team of Busan Custom House

On-site lectures on FTA-related enterprise support systems and procedures for utilizing tax exemption benefits

To operate the FTA Center booth in front of the overseas buyer matchmaking center; To explain customs exemption for export companies, tariff differences from the most favored-nations, applied the tariff rate by progressive tariff elimination and measures to simplify procedures for the Certificate of Origin with the FTA

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